Mystical Winter Tale Personifies Nature

Light Boxes - a novel by Shane Jones

Light Boxes - a novel by Shane Jones

Sometimes a novel comes along and it grasps hold of the familiar in a way you’ve never imagined. In his first book, Light Boxes, Shane Jones does exactly that. Light Boxes is a magical journey that personifies nature and the elements. A small town in Vermont is seized by February for over 900 days. The brutal force of February traps, confines and snatches the town’s residents leaving behind a trail of dismay and heartbreak. Perhaps this is a view of what the future holds if we truly don’t respect and support our earth and its elements. While the book is not an environmental commentary, at least I don’t think it is, it does, through its surreal drama, place us in a loop of relentless environmental trauma. In this case the town folk were able to fight back. It wasn’t too late to restore balance.

The way that Light Boxes relates to our very real environmental climate challenges is that is reinforces the notion that if we choose to ban together we can create realistic ways of preventing disaster. The sadness these characters experienced could indeed manifest in our lives if we were hit by serious climate consequences as a result of inaction. The good news is that with logic, intelligence, passion and perseverance, we too can win this fight and restore balance to our planet.

By the way, I loved this tale as the seekers of summer never gave up their battle. The story comes complete with wonderful and exiting adventures and characters that are as unique in their essence as every snowflake that falls from the sky.

Be well, live green and read Light Boxes.

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