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Seasonal Allergies All The Time – Climate Change May Be the Culprit

There is a really great article posted on NRDC’s (National Resources Defense Council) blog — Simple Steps:
There’s Something in the Air: Allergies and Global Warming. Science writer and researcher, Catherine Zandonella concludes, based on a 2009 study: “Rising carbon dioxide levels are driving the growth of the plants that make us sneeze, wheeze and sniffle each spring, summer and fall.” As our climate warms, even slightly, more grasses, trees and flowers bloom. Intensified ozone pollution (linked to climate change) also exacerbates pollen counts and causes problems especially when ragweed is present. In some areas, it appears that pollen is perpetual.

I don’t know about you but my seasonal allergies last year (2009) and this year are out of control. After reading this article, it absolutely makes sense. Prior to 2009, I had been keeping my symptoms at bay; despite a few occasionally flareups, I hardly noticed them. Now they are on a rampage and although I don’t feel the effects of climate change, my nose and sinuses do.

Zandonella recommends that during high alert days, especially those that are sunny and wind free, try to stay inside and close windows. This may not always be possible if your work space uses natural ventilation. She also says that cleaning bedding often and vacuuming with a vacuum that uses a HEFA filter can help.

Based on my experiences working with naturopathic doctors and holistic wellness and nutrition professionals, I would advise doing a liver and colon cleanse at least twice a year. You can do this via a special diet, by taking natural supplements or a combination of both. Our liver is the body’s natural cleanser. However, we’ve been inundated by toxins in our environment and food supply and for many of us, our liver is overloaded and leaking. As a result, our immune system is affected and our ability to fight allergic reactions is slowed down or halted altogether. It’s best if you get advice from a holistic healthcare professional.

The final thing that we both recommend is to take action. “Tell your elected officials to support cap-and-trade legislation and the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES).” Sign up for NRDC’s newsletter and they will connect you to action alerts.

by Julie Gengo

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