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Green Roofs Growing Everywhere by Julie Gengo

I found this photo on a website called EkoVenture which is primarily a travel site for those seeking to explore interesting adventures. When this one popped into my life a few weeks ago, I was mesmerized. I loved the way the land has wrapped itself around this little red house almost as if it were there to keep it warm during the winter ahead or the two had a relationship deeply rooted in love. This is Iceland after all, a magical place where anything is possible. But that is exactly the point. Vegetative roofs have covered tops of homes and buildings in this far away place for centuries as a means of insulation for both sun and snow and to bring a warm feeling to its neighbors.

Vegetative roofs are popping up everywhere as they are considered a sustainable approach to building practices. The other benefits include:

Low insulation costs
Stormwater management, runoff and erosion
Energy reduction
Reduced heat Island effect
Improved air and water quality
Decreased pollution
Improved aesthetic environment
Increased durability with most roofs lasting 20 plus years
Wildlife habitat preservation

So go ahead and look up at rooftops of big city skyscrapers or small shops. Hopefully the next time you pass one by you’ll smile at a bird or two and sigh.

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A poem by Rachel Carson

Sometimes words about nature appear on random windows.

A poem by Rachel Carson


if there is poetry in my book about the sea,
it is not because i deliberately put it there,
because nobody could write truthfully
about the sea and leave out the poetry

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Flowers – Photography by Dan Smolen

It is hard to put into words how much I truly enjoy flowers. I could get lost in gardens as the energy of color captures my entire being. I often read an environmental lifestyle blog called Sturdy Roots and I came across these wonderful photos of nature’s finest. The beauty of spring and summer creatively preserved by photographer and writer Dan Smolen










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